Meet The Team

Leah Maxine Andrews

Founder & Director

By the time the grand finals come around, you will all be very familiar with Leah as she handles all of the emails, entries, contestants and is our website manager and social media manager. You will all get to know Leah in the lead up to the competition, as she is our contestant co-ordinator you will all be chatting to her before the finals. Leah will also be hosting orientation and being our lovely compere for the evening. 

Colleen Andrews

Founder & Director

Colleen is the business and the brains and is our lovely event co-ordinator and manager. She organises the grand finals with the assistance of our team and ensures everything is perfect for our contestants. You will be seeing a lot of Colleen during the grand finals as she will be running registration and will be on hand through rehearsals and the grand finals to support and guide you through the day.

Kitty Radford

Official Photography

Kitty Kems Photography will be our official photographer throughout the grand finals. You will all be seeing lots of Kitty's lovely face through registration, rehearsals and of course, the grand finals itself. You will have a one-on-one mini photoshoot with Kitty during the grand finals and she will be taking lots of snaps of you while on stage. Kitty is also the photographer for the winners official photoshoot. 

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